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Lefty Grove Memorial Committee Mission Statement

The objective of the Lefty Grove Memorial Committee is to preserve the memory of hall of fame baseball player, Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove. The Lefty Grove Memorial committee is based in Lefty’s hometown of Lonaconing, MD. Lefty was born in the small coal mining town of Lonaconing on March 6th of 1900. He rose from the depths of abject poverty to become one of the greatest players in baseball history.

Lefty retained a residence in Lonaconing throughout his baseball career. He raised his children here, and always returned at the end of the season to pursue his favorite pastimes of hunting and fishing. During his baseball career and in his retirement years until 1960, Lefty supported youth baseball, donated sporting equipment to the local high school baseball team, and even donated his 1931 American League MVP trophy, which is still preserved in a specially designed, $25,000 showcase in the Lonaconing Public Library.

After the death of his wife, Ethel, Lefty moved to Norwalk, OH to live with his son and daughter in law. He spent the last fourteen years of his life in Norwalk. Lefty died on May 22nd of 1975, and is buried in nearby Frostburg, MD. Many of Lefty’s relatives still live in Lonaconing and the surrounding area.

The Lefty Grove Memorial Committee was formed specifically for the purpose of raising the funds necessary to erect a bronze statue of Lefty, with the hope of having an annual “Lefty Grove Day” in Lonaconing. Lefty is considered by many prominent baseball historians to be not only the greatest left handed pitcher in baseball history, but one of the greatest players ever. Many of Lefty’s records, which were set over 75 years ago, remain unbroken and unchallenged. Recognition of Lefty’s career accomplishments and civic contributions is long overdue.


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